Franchisee Training

After signing the Franchise Agreement, the first port of call is training. This is usually an immersive experience that has you deep diving into the realms of starting and running your own franchise business.

Training will last anywhere from a couple of days through to a week or more. The structure of the training varies from franchise-to-franchise; some franchisors will have you attend an intensive week of training then immediately get you out implementing what was learnt, while others will stagger their training over several weeks.

For example, one of the franchise brands that we work with structure their training so that you attend the initial stage of training, which lasts one week, then they send you away for two weeks to implement what was learnt (usually business administration and basic marketing activities, such as setting up your company and getting marketing collateral out in the post).

The franchisor will then invite you back for the second round of training, where you can build upon what was previously learnt and start implementing at the next level.

How a franchisor structures training should be researched during the Franchise Discovery Process – make sure it’s structured in a way that suits your personal learning styles.

While the structure of training varies from franchise-to-franchise, all will cover two core components:

Technical Training

Technical training is where you’re learning how to deliver the actual products or services of the franchise. It’s where you deep-dive into the operations manual, which goes through the step-by-step processes for implementing each area of the business.

If you’ve joined a senior care franchise, it may be where you’re learning the ins-and-outs of delivering in-home senior care, while if you’ve joined a staffing and recruitment franchise it may be where you’re learning the path to becoming an outstanding professional recruiter.

Regardless of the franchise industry that you’ve gone into, Technical Training is where you learn how to work ‘in’ your business.


Business Training

Business training is where you learn how to run your business; it’s where you learn how to register your business, how to market it effectively to generate customers, how to convert leads into sales, how to track and report key metrics and much, much more. This is where you’re working ‘on’ your business.

Many franchisees have not run their own business before. This is something that you should find encouraging and is exactly why you’ve decide to start a franchise business in the first place; because you get to short cut the expensive learning curve of “learning how to run a business”.

Comprehensive training is a hallmark of a quality franchisor. The truth is that training never stops; you will be years into your business and still learning new things about the tactical implementation of your products and services, new ways of managing your employees, new ways of marketing your business and more. It’s a very exciting journey that will you never forget.

Once you’ve moved through the initial phases of training you will see that your business will be beginning to come to life. Your business will be setup, the marketing wheels will be well in motion and you may even have had your first few customers through the door.

The next step after training is to focus on the consistent implementation of the business model to ensure its continued success. Fortunately, this is not something you have to do alone, as one of the key reasons you’ve bought into a franchise is for the ongoing support that it can provide.

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