Coffee Franchises

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, with over 400 billion cups consumed each year.

If you have an appreciation for coffee and wish to turn this into a viable business, looking into a coffee franchise could be the very ticket that you’ve been searching for. 

After 15 years of considerable, consistent growth within the industry, the coffee shop sector continues to be one of the most successful industries in the global economy. With the certain level of quality that consumers have now come to expect, independent coffee chains have seen a gradual increase in market share, representing 39% of the total coffee shop market.

Not only has the face of the coffee industry changed but the face of the consumer has changed too. Gone are the days of people sipping instant coffee out of a plastic cup, oblivious to the quality of bean used in the production of their beverage.

Coffee is now seen as a popular pastime for many young people and a great way to meet with friends and relax, while the evolution of hard-core caffeine junkies means individuals range from those grabbing a coffee at a mobile truck on the move, to connoisseurs who wish to linger with family and friends while enjoying an artisan blend.

A coffee franchise can vary significantly from a simple mobile cart selling coffee to passersby, to a lucrative, multi-unit operation of a market leading, such as Starbucks. The route you go down depends on your personal circumstances and preferences, along with your financial investment capability.

The underlying requirements of a coffee franchise, apart from great coffee of course, is an ability to provide excellent customer service and engage with customers. This improves repeat custom and help builds brand awareness within this highly competitive franchise industry.

Whether you have a real passion for coffee or whether you love the idea of engaging with the public on a day to day basis, providing them with a high-quality product at competitive prices, investing in owning a coffee franchise could really be of benefit to those looking for a quick start route into franchising and business ownership.

If you are interested in learning more about the possible opportunities in the coffee franchise industry, please schedule a time to speak with one of our Franchise Search Consultants and let us help you take the next step into business ownership.

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